• Apply


    Apply Cejuvenation to clean skin on face, neck and back of hands. Keep out of eyes. If you use a toner, apply toner before applying Cejuvenation.

  • Absorb

    Let Cejuvenation soak in about a minute and follow with your normal routine. Apply moisturizer and makeup after applying Cejuvenation.

  • Protect

    Cejuvenation will make your skin more sensitive to the sun. Always apply a broad spectrum sunscreen over Cejuvenation before sun exposure.

  • I am a California native and a sun lover. I've done lots of damage in my 65 years. My skin has never looked better! Even my dermatologist wanted to know my secret. I told him Cejuvenation!

    Marti S.

  • I typically don't endorse products, especially skin products - but this one is different. Amazing results. My friends keep asking what I'm doing different. I tell them Cejuvenation makes all the difference.

    Georgina E.

  • I am a guy who spends lots of time outdoors and my face was beginning to make me look lots older than I really am. After just the second week of using Cejuvenation I was amazed to see my face looked smoother and, yeah, younger!

    Steve H.