How I got to Cejuvenation

Ever purchased an expensive skincare product that is supposed to be amazing only to find that it irritates your skin and changes color over time?

I have and that’s why I created Cejuvenation.

And in my case, the high acidity of the Ascorbic Acid in my pricey Vitamin C serum caused redness and irritation. But that's not all. Exposure to air caused the Ascorbic Acid in my serum to oxidize, turn dark orange, become useless and even bad for my skin. 

If I had a degree in chemistry, I would have known Ascorbic Acid is a highly acidic and unstable form of Vitamin C.

But instead of getting upset (or a chemistry degree), I studied formulation chemistry, read the latest Vitamin C research and talked with dermatologists. Three years later, I created Cejuvenation with Ethyl Ascorbic Acid.

And now I'm offering it to you because nobody should need a degree in chemistry to buy gentle, stable and effective Vitamin C skin serum. 

Robin Cole

Robin Cole, Owner/Formulator
Cejuvenation, LLC

Cejuvenation is a small, women-owned business located in southwest Colorado.