Free radicals and their evil plan for your skin

How free radicals and antioxidants work.

If you're like me, you've heard about the whole Free Radical thing about a zillion times. But are they really that bad for your skin? It breaks down like this...

  • we are made of molecules
  • molecules are made of atoms
  • atoms are made of electrons - and they always come in pairs

Bad things happen when an electron loses it's mate

Let's say a free radical comes along and steals one electron from one of your atoms. The other electron is upset - yes, but the really bad news is - the remaining electron can't do it's job without a mate (think losing one shoe). 

But there's more - the free radical's dirty work damages our skin's DNA which accelerates skin aging. 

Now fast forward a few years and when you look in the mirror, the free radical's evil deed plays out on your skin as brown spots, saggy skin and wrinkles.

So how do I keep free radicals from making my skin look like Dumbo's behind?


Antioxidants (like vitamin C and E) supply free radicals with missing electrons so they don't need to steal them from us. Especially when applied to the surface of your skin.

Daily application of a rejuvenating antioxidant skin serum like Cejuvenation is a great way to improve the look of existing free radical damage and help protect against future damage. 

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